A systemic attempt to eradicate Aboriginal culture has been embedded into our history. The Nah duh mah duh win committee comprised of Atlohsa Native Family Healing Services, Sisters of St. Joseph, and The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women and Children (CREVAC) are pleased to launch It Matters To Us.

Our vision is to bring together local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community members, faith groups and educational stakeholders in the healing and reconciliation process, and to bring the national work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission into our local context. This blog will help our communities begin to understand the complexity of attitudes, policies, and practices that gave rise to the residential school system and that continues to affect relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people today.

We recognize the journey toward healing and reconciliation is not an easy or immediate one, but has the potential to be a transformative learning process requiring a commitment from both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. It is important throughout our efforts to understand ourselves as contributors to the telling of a new story, one based on mutual respect and reciprocity.

One of the ways we hope to create spaces for reconciliation and healing between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people is through education. The vision behind It Matters To Us was to create a virtual community where local organizations and groups committed to truth and reconciliation can come together and  share their work with others in the community who have an invested interest in issues related to equity and social justice.

We invite you to share with us an upcoming event or gathering you wish to promote, videos and/or photos from a recent event your group hosted, or any stories, thoughts, artwork, etc that illustrate why truth and reconciliation matters to you.

For more information or to promote your organization or group’s upcoming event, please email nahduhmahduhwin@gmail.com.

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  1. In a just society there can be no “moving forward” without reconcilliation;there can be no “reconcilliation” without truth.

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